Cinema "Men's YAMATO"
the Battleship "YAMATO" set

Visited 4 Nov, 2005

1/1 scale IJN Battleship YAMATO

About 2/3 part of Yamato which was 263m long was built.
Tremendous view from the port bow. Astounded at huge 46cm main guns.
As the cinema "Men's YAMATO" describes Okinawa attack on 6 April 1945,
YAMATO is also on Operation "Ten Ichigou" in April 1945.

the Battleship "YAMATO" set for Cinema "Men's YAMATO"

The Battleship "YAMATO" set in 1/1 scale for Cinema "Men's YAMATO" was built at HITACHI Mukojima west shipyard in Onomichi city, Hiroshima.
The construction started on 20 December 2004 and ended on 25 March 2006.
Opened to the public from 17 July 2005 to 7 May 2006.

On the board of YAMATO

Anti-aircraft guns on the port

TYPE 89 12.7cm Cal.40 Anti-aircraft guns with or without shield and TYPE 96 Triple 25mm machine-guns without shield.

A view from the port

TYPE 94 Cal.45 46cm main gun, TYPE 3 Cal.60 15.5cm sub gun, the structure under bridge and Anti-aircraft guns.
A beautiful view from the port.