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Military Museums

Model Manufacturers
UK1/72scale AFV, Play Set
Japan1/24scale MV, 1/72scale AFV
Italy1/35scale AFV, 1/72scale AFV(ex ESCI products), Battle Game Set
JapanDistributor of tasca, Bego and so on
Japan1/16scale BT, 1/35scale MM, 1/48scale MMV
Japantasca1/35scale AFV

Shops' Page
Hobby Shop SORAModel Shop's site in Tokushima. Mr. zaku, site and shop owner, is also modeller.

Individual's Page
Mr. Akira-sikikai's site. It introduces AFV in not only Japan and various countries.
Mr. HIGH-GEARed's site. It introduces warship models. 1/500,1/200 scale ships is remarkable. He also prefers music and cars.
Mr. Hiroyuki's site. It introduces AFV in various countries. Tidy modelling and realistic painting attracts us.
Katz's pageMr. Katz's site on AFV modelling.
Mr. Black Daikan's site. It introduces AFV in not only Japan and various countries.
Mr. Manabun's site. It introduces Mini Scale AFV, War Cinema and so on. It has a lot of precious kits like Eidai's Military Strong Point. It gives us joy of modelling.
Mr. Thomashield's site. The owner has been awarded one of Prize in Kiya contest. He enjoys AFV modelling with zeal.
Mr. USED*Taicyou's site. Meet the file models at articles and gallery. Pay attention to Japanese, Italian and French Army.
Mr. Arakawa's site. It introduces not only AFV but also the other category of modelling. Super-detailing and painting beyond expression are absolutely super.

Group's Page
This is the largest society for AFV modellers in Japan.

Royal Navy's site.

Retro Automobile MuseumAutomobile Museum in Moscaw, Russia. They have an IJA TYPE95 Kurogane kept in good condition.
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